Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vacation OVER!

I know, I know...

There really isn't any excuse good enough to allow for being so neglectful of my blog! To all 10 of you who may actually read this thing, I sincerely apologize!
Please know that I thought of posting many times but the days just got away from me. It happens I suppose, but I'll try not to let it happen again. At least, not any time soon. : )

Well, life has carried on here... nothing too exciting has taken place. Still don't have another member for my team at work. That is sad for me... Oh, how I miss working with this guy!

But I know that God has already hand-picked a teammate and friend for me to work with and share the mighty load that is the Music Dept. at Buckhead Church!

Until then, here's what my every wednesday evening looks like...

Can you see my new wrinkles?? Oh, new Music Director for Buckhead Church, PLEASE HURRY!!!