Wednesday, January 30, 2008


ok, so I think I have a problem with starting and stopping projects...

I have been straightening up around my place this morning, and I have noticed all sorts of little projects that I started and fully intended to finish, but have not...'s the list, so far...

1. I bought a really cute shelf to hang in my bathroom, BACK IN AUGUST, and it is still wrapped up and leaning against the wall in the entryway of my apartment.
2. I purchased and hung new drapes all throughout the place when I moved in and I still have yet to hem any of them. So they are fraying and dragging on the bottom, and my cats believe them to be "toys" for their entertainment.
3. I seem to have a never ending pile of books that I have started, but never have time to finish. If my reading time is so limited, why do I start new ones when I should finish an old one first?
4. And for that matter, why do I re-read old favorites when I should be tackling the list of new adventures yet to be discovered?
5. Part of my apartments decor has become the piles of framed pictures that are leaning against the walls in various rooms instead of hanging on them.
6. I bought a 1000 piece puzzle last night at Border's (along with a couple of new books, UGH!) and for the life of me, I don't know when I will put it together.
Probably later this weekend when I should be hanging things...

...anybody else do this kind of stuff?!?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My friends Erin and Lacey have both challenged me to not only add another post to my blog (I know, I'm pitiful), but also to do so by listing 7 random things about myself... here goes...

1. I love having a tall stack of new books yet to read, probably more than I actually enjoy reading. Although, I LOVE to read!

2. I love the way the air smells when it's snowing outside.

3. I don't really care for hot chocolate, but I LOVE chocolate any other way.

4. When I am sick I totally crave Coca-Cola! Only time...

5. Amy Grant and Olivia Newton-John are two of my biggest influences vocally.

6. I am absolutely addicted to lipgloss!!! (show me a girl who isn't!)

7. AND, I am completely obsessed with buying bed linens. It's weird I know, but I have to limit my shopping excursions to Bed, Bath & Beyond and Linens 'n' Things!

Ok, so there you have it. Some very random (and some might say, interesting) facts about me!

So now I will pass the torch to... Amy, Cindy and Clarissa

Take it away...