Thursday, February 28, 2008


Ok, so my friend Clarissa gave me this link, and I have to say that I thought it was pretty funny! But now I'm just wondering... it true??

Click Here

Friday, February 22, 2008


So, today I got to hang with these guys...

Jason and Brandon

...we did a little recording in a very cool, but makeshift recording studio at the Fincher house up in Cumming.
The vocal booth was set up in the hallway between large comforters and sleeping bags hanging in the doorways to block out sounds.


Jason is a master producer and runs a studio out of his home in Griffin, as well as playing most everything and singing, too. Brandon is the drummer for this band, but works with Jason sometimes, too. Both of these guys are ridiculously talented and it was a blast to hang with them for the day!

Who new you could set up a studio right on the kitchen table?!?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Brunettes have more fun?

Ok, so naturally my hair is red. Well, sort of...

I was REALLY red as a little girl, and the older I got the more brownish my hair became. So I helped it out a little. We all do it! Boys, too...

Then I got a bunch of highlights... a BUNCH of them... and sort of looked more blonde than red.

Well, recently I decided that it would be fun to be a brunette. I've got the coloring for it (at least, I think I do)!

So, I know which one I like best, but now I want to hear from you!

Which is working for me? Really, I can take it...

Riddle Solved!

You all are just so smart!!!

I had two guesses within a few hours of posting my little riddle and they were both right!

So, hats off to Mike and Rich for guessing that I was talking about... cellphone!!

That sucker vibrates in my pocket and I NEVER feel it!
Anyone else have that problem?


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Ok, so I have this riddle that I want to share with you. Let's see who can figure it our first.


When I think I feel it, it hasn't really done it.
And when it actually does it, I NEVER feel it.

What the heck am I talking about?!?

(I'll give you a hint: this is a fairly new invention, like the last 5-10 years)


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Shack!

Have you read it? You need to...

...can't remember the last time a book affected me like this one...

Monday, February 18, 2008


So, what I neglected to mention last time is that I got a tattoo, as well...

...#2 and #3, to be exact...

Pretty nice, huh?

The stars are not as significant as the number of stars I got. The bigger one is for my sister and the little ones are for my nephews (3) and my niece (1). Love those cats and now they'll always be "on my mind"...

I have also decided that the artist who did these is my new official tattooist (is that even a word?). His name is "D" and he's great! So, now I have a good mechanic and a great tattoo artist. What more could a girl need? : )

Friday, February 15, 2008

Old friend, New adventure!

Ok, so one of my college roommates (and dearest friends) came to Hotlanta to visit me this weekend!


Sweet Lizzie... and one of her main objectives (aside from having a BLAST with me) was to get her first tattoo. So, here are the pics of our FABULOUS day!

...check her out!

So this is the place that we went to to have it done...

Liberty Tattoo on Ponce de Leon near Midtown. Check it out-very cool vibe!

...she was SUCH a trooper! Look at that smile...


Big day, huh? What did YOU do today?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My heart this week...

Hey, everyone...

This is a cool song that I came across from my friends Mox and Clarissa...

God has allowed some tough stuff into my world this week and I am holding onto this simple promise for dear life...

...let it in...